Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

Warm weather is here and it beat our sewer project. There is no new news on the sewer project. We have applied for federal grants to give us the extra money that we need for the sewer project. We will not know if we are approved until the first or second quarter of next year. I’ll keep everyone appraised when I hear anything more.

I want to thank Tom and Michele Sears for everything they have done for the village without telling anyone about it. They have cleared brush and weeds away from the sidewalk by the old railroad bed. That was a big job and they went ahead and did it on their own. They also helped pick up the branches in the village park. This is a huge help also because it saves us money. If they didn’t do it we would have to pay our park maintenance man to do it. We never turn down any volunteer work.

Don’t forget the Oneida Castle Fire Department is looking for volunteers. There are many benefits for you being a volunteer fireman as well as helping keeping our village safe. Call 315-363-4406 to volunteer. Also, the Oneida Castle Garden Club is in dire need of volunteers. The garden club keeps our park looking beautiful. They have done a fantastic job over the years but their membership is dwindling. If you like gardening then please call Sharon Meyers at 315-363-8624. You don’t have to be a village resident to become a member.

Mayor John Deschamps