Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

I believe we are getting closer to our new sewer system. Our engineer just received a bunch of paperwork that has to be completed before the money can be released. I am not sure how long it will take to review the paperwork once they receive it and then release the money but we are getting one step closer. Hopefully we will start digging the mains this year. Once We know the digging will start I will have letters sent to each property owner in the village letting them know when the digging is to start and to place a marker on your property line where you will be placing you lateral so they can run the connection point to that location.

Don’t forget that Spring cleanup is starting May 1st through May5th. Please go to events on the website and click on Details for Spring Cleanup. I see we have residents already putting their leaves and brush next to the curb. This year is also they year that we have Dumpster Day in September. You will be getting a letter with the dates and information.

At our next meeting on May 1st we will be awarding the bid for our new LED programmable sign to be placed on the lawn near State St. This sign will tell our meeting dates, meeting cancellations, any other village information, any information the Oneida Castle Fire Dept. has and we may even sell adds and donate the proceeds to the Oneida Castle Fire Dept. This will all be discussed at the next meeting. Hope you can make it.

Mayor John Deschamps