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I want to inform you of a very serious situation that is developing and affects all village residents.

Representatives from the Village of Oneida Castle attended a recent meeting of village mayors in Oneida County. We met in Camden and most of the mayors or representatives were there. It appears that Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is proposing to take sales tax money away from the villages. If this happens the Village of Oneida Castle, which was incorporated in 1815, would more than likely cease to exist!

Mr. Picente has formed a committee to study his plan and has recommended two scenarios for phasing out the villages' share of sales tax revenue. One was a three year plan and the other was a five year plan. Under both, the county would reduce the amount of sales tax each year for either three years or five years and at the end of that time the sales tax would be cut off completely.

If he is successful, villages would stand to lose the many services we're accustomed to, like plowing of our sidewalks, tree service of all trees in the park and village right of way, park maintenance, dumpster day and leaf and brush pick up twice a year. Once we are gone you can’t expect the county or the town to take care of everything like we have. We also don’t know what would happen to all the equipment that the village owns.

Our immediate concern is that the committee consists of the two city mayors, Mr. Picente, three county legislators and NO VILLAGE REPRESENTATION. Consequently, the mayors are going to form a separate organization to oppose the plan. Another priority is to obtain the support of our county legislators to vote against it. Our representative Keith Schieble has indicated his opposition to the plan and several others appear to be supportive, as well.

We will continue to keep you informed and we welcome your comments on this extremely critical situation. You can contact any of your village representatives below or you can email your comments to:contact@oneidacastleny.com.

Thank you,
John Deschamps,Jr - Mayor

Village Clerk Jean Canada: 363-0368
Mayor Jack Deschamps: 363-2338
Trustee Don Ackerman: 363-9291
Trustee Mike Healy: 363-0299