Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.


Not much has changed as far as the sewer program except that the federal grant money should be released soon. Once it’s released, we will be putting the project out to bid, award the contract and the digging will start. I am really looking forward to that. I have also been looking for grants for our single family owner occupied homeowners to help with the cost of their hookups. I have been in contact with all our state and federal government representatives asking for their help. I am in the process of writing a grant the Representative Brandon Williams gave me for that purpose. There will be a lot of competition for that grant so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it gets approved.

Tom Cochran has decided not to run for this election for Trustee. Tom has been the best Trustee that I have worked with since I have been on the board. He is always there volunteering his time in cleaning up the park, taking care of the sprinkler system and anything else that came along. None of this work was his duty as a Trustee, He was supposed to make sure that it was done but not do it himself. When I told him he didn’t have to do this his reply was always, “This will save the village money and I don’t mind doing it.” Tom will be sorely missed but Dan Gwilt has stepped up to the plate is running for Tom’s position as Trustee. I have known Dan for a long time and he will be a great benefit to the village.

The good weather is getting closer and Spring cleanup will begin. The village board will set a Spring cleanup date at our April meeting. Keep an eye out on this website and in the paper for that date.

Last but not least the village is looking into buying a LED programable display sign to be placed out by State St. for everyone to read. We will be placing our meeting dates and time, public hearings and any newsworthy notes including any information that the fire dept. would like to put on it.

Mayor John Deschamps