Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

Christmas is over and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. It is now getting time to take down your Christmas tree so we have set the dates for the Christmas tree pickup to be January 8, 2018 to January 11, 2018 so please have your tree out by the curb for pickup.

The Village of Oneida Castle has been awarded a $1,129,000 grant from the New York State Clean Water Act to create a sewer line that will be hooked up to the City of Oneida Waste Water Treatment Plant.at an estimated cost of $5,000,000. To make this even better we received a zero percent thirty-year loan to pay for the rest of the cost.

We have been trying for seven years and have finally received it. The zero percent loan was as hard if not harder to obtain than the grant. If the cost to the village to put in the sewer line is five million dollars it will only cost each property owner $481 a year or about a little over $40 a month. If the cost of the project comes in under the $5,000,000 then the loan will be lower. Additionally, we are looking for a grant that will help each homeowner pay for their hookup to the sewer system. However, at this time we have found none.

New York’s future plan is to make all villages, hamlets and cities have sewer systems or be hooked up to a neighboring system. That is why they are giving many clean water grants for sewer systems and upgrades at this time. When it becomes mandatory this grant money and the zero percent loan may not be available so it’s good that we have all this now.

We also have more good news. Senator Griffo has awarded the village a sixty- thousand-dollar grant for our park. With those funds we are going to renovate our gazebo, put a new floor in the pavilion, have a park entrance sign, memorial park sign, surveillance system, and tree work. We have neglected our tree work in the park because of the cost. We can now take care of all that and not have to worry about any expensive tree problems for a long time.

Mayor John Deschamps