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I contacted Assemblyman Williams office to check on our EPA Grant to see if and when it would be approved. They received word that it will be several more weeks because our budget had been changed and it needs to be reviewed again. Just to let you know that the change in the budget was because they told us to make a change in a line item. This line item did not change the amount of money we are asking for, it just changed to location on line item to another line item. That was a week ago so we are hoping to hear from them within the next two weeks or so.

Here is our January minutes:
January 8, 2024

The regular monthly meeting of the Oneida Castle Village Board was called to order by Mayor John Deschamps. A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman to accept the minutes and seconded by Trustee Gwilt. Village residents in attendance were Pamela Rood and Tom Cochran. Oneida County Legislator Keith Scheible was also present to give a report on Oneida County activities.


A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept the December minutes. It was so approved.


Mr. Scheible gave a report from the December meeting of the Board of Legislators. He stated that the County has approved the annual contract with Mohawk Valley EDGE for economic development services for the term of 2024 at a cost of $449,874. The Board also authorized an agreement with EDGE to administer a previously awarded $1 million state grant for improvements at the former Boston store in Utica. A mortgage tax distribution to municipalities within the County was also approved. From April through September of 2023 $1,642,503 is being distributed among the cities, towns and villages. This is down from the same period last year which was $2,305,340.


Pam Rood asked if there was anything new with the sewer project. Mayor Deschamps responded by saying once again he feels they are almost there and awaiting the final grant.


Trustee Ackerman reported about the water leak in the village hall. MEID is very frustrated and thinks that a portion of the rug will have to be removed so he can see what is under there. Everything else has been checked thoroughly.

Mayor Deschamps stated that he has talked to Codes concerning the property at 66 Seneca Ave. The barn in the back of this property has fallen in and the owner cannot be located. If the village condemns this parcel, they will have to pay to tear it down. This problem will have to be pursued with continued attempts to locate the owner..

Discussions took place regarding the purchase of a generator to allow the Village hall to become an approved storm shelter. Since the estimated cost of a generator is thought to be $5,000 this will have to be done in stages. Mr. Cochran suggested that we use the $800.00 in State/Federal funds

for the concrete pad that will be needed to place the generator on in the walkway between the hall
and garage. This will be tabled until further research can be done.


Mrs. Meyers gave two reports tonight due to her absence last month. She began with the cash flows for November. Inflows were $154.28 while outflows totaled $7,527 .79 making an overall monthly total of -$7,527.79. The State/Federal Fund balance is - $1,350.00 due to the purchase of new basketball hoops.

The November year to date total for inflows if $64,396.42 while outflows for this period totaled $64,629.17 making an overall year to date total for November of $267.25. There was $105,621.99 in savings and $194,478.13 in checking. The general fund balance was $297,417.37 and the federal fund balance was $875.33 making a combined total of $298,292.70.

This was followed by the cash flows for the month of December. Inflows were $36,624.23 (sales tax). December outflows were $1,848.54 making an overall total of $34,776.16. Year to date inflows were $101,521.12 while outflows were $66,477.71 making an overall year to date total of $35,043.41.

There is presently $105,626.48 in savings and $227,995.19 in checking. The general fund balance is $$332,193.53. The Veterans Memorial Fund has $7,208.41 and the Ada Karr CD now totals $13,785.39.

A motion was made by Trustee Gwilt and seconded by Trustee Ackerman to accept the financial report. It was so moved.


A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to adjourn at 7:30PM. The next meeting will take place on February 5, 2024 at 7:00pm in the village hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Canada, Clerk

Our next village board meeting is March 4th at 7:00 PM

Mayor John Deschamps