Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

I hope everyone had a enjoyable holiday. We finally did it. We definitely have the federal grant and are just waiting for them to give us the money. The federal 4.1-million-dollar grant. plus the 1.1 million dollar NYS grant and the 3.9 million 0% interest loan will be enough to complete our sewer project. Just think, in 2019 we were going to build our sewer for 5 million dollars. Now 4 years later it cost 8.2 million. Unbelievable! Hopefully we can start digging this spring. It was a long and very busy progress but it’s finally done. Keep coming to our website to learn when the actually digging will start.

Jean Canada, our village clerk will be retiring and we need to find someone to take her place on the village board. If anyone is interested please call any village official. Just click on village officials on this website to obtain our phone numbers.Her duties are:
Pay $6,800 a year
Attend Village Board Meetings, special meetings and public hearings to take notes- prepare minutes for the following month
Pick up at the post office and deal with all incoming mail
Clerk of the ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals)
Place all notifications as directed in the papers (either Rome Sentinel or Dispatch)
Do all tax searches as requested
Distribute handicapped tags
Oversee Village elections, make ballots, find inspectors, go by handbook- third Tuesday in March
Plan Republican Party Caucus
Handles and keep up filing system
Take care of any correspondence that needs to be done
File any new local law or resolution with the county and state
Handle any call that comes in on village phone (village phone will be installed at your residence)
Handle any mailings that needs to be sent out to the residents

Don’t forget that the Oneida Castle Fire Dept. starts their fish fry Friday January 13th. All meals will be take out only. Please support our fire department. Everything they do is for us.

Mayor John Deschamps