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Talked with our engineer about the sewer project and where we are at. He advised me that there was a lot of redesigning to do and he had just completed it. The drawing has been sent to review to make sure everything is done and done correctly. The new drawing brought the main lines higher, eliminated one pumping station and also eliminated some forced mains. We are also looking at extending the time the project has to be completed from 9 months to one year. All this will make the project cheaper but we will still have to look for some more money which we are presently doing. Our engineer thinks if everything goes well, we still could be starting the sewer project this summer. Please keep checking this website because I will be updating what is going on with the sewer project as soon as I hear anything.

Our Oneida Castle Fire Dept. will be starting their chicken barbeques will be starting May 16th and our village cleanup will be during the week of May 24th to May 28th. Please go to coming events on our website for details.
Mayor John (Jack) Deschamps

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