Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

I thought I would bring everyone up to date as to what is happening so far in the Village of Oneida Castle. As I hope you know we have received a one million, one hundred twenty-nine-thousand-dollar grant from New York State and a 0% loan for the rest of the money needed to hookup with the City of Oneida’s sewer system.

You have probably seen surveyors working in the village. They are doing a topographic survey of the village which we will need to start the layout and design of the sewer system. We also need to complete a Phase 1A archaeological survey which is also beginning now. This will identify areas we need to avoid when we layout the proposed system. Once we have the topographic survey and we get a chance to review everything we will meet with our engineers to discuss the layout and potential options. Design and approvals will take up a good portion of this year but we are anticipating we will be able to go out for bids later this year and construction would be in 2019.

As far as our grant for the park goes we have been approved so far and the paperwork is now in the final stages waiting for New York State approval which I don’t see a problem with.

At our last meeting the village board changed the zoning of the school from residential to commercial zoning. This had to be done because there is no one that could buy the school unless it was zoned commercial. Presently MEID Construction is buying the school and is going to move their office there along with making some senior citizen apartments. Now the school will not be deteriorating any further and will start paying property taxes to the village.

We will be doing the final phase of the village hall by building an entrance-way over the front door this summer. This will not only make the village hall look better but it will also stop the snow from getting in front of the door and freezing and stopping the door from being opened.

Lastly Mike Healy had to step down from being a village trustee for medical reasons. Mike was a great asset to the village and we hated to see him leave. We were lucky in having Tom Cochran step up and take his place. Tom is very interested in the village and will do a great job.

Things are really looking up for our village. It is a great place to live and when everything is completed it will be an even a greater place.

Mayor John Deschamps