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I received the bad news today. Our grant request was denied. I have no idea why it was denied and I don’t believe that should have been denied. All the delays that caused the increase in prices was not our fault. Prices increased dramatically by the time the state opened up from the pandemic and we were able to get the bids out. Also, another delay was because NYSDEC made the village dig below cellar grade. This increased the cost because of the extra digging, making us have 2 pumping stations and include more forced mains. Once the bids came out, they were all over the amount of money we had. We went back to DEC with a request to raise the mains to above cellar grade. This move reduced the amount of digging that needed to be done, reduced the pumping stations down to one and also reduced some of the forced mains. We also applied for another grant to cover the cost overrun. That was the grant that was just denied.

I am really upset with this denial. There was no reason for it. We are shovel ready and ready to go but the state is willing to waste all the money that we have spent. I believe if we were a large city, we would have received the grant request. We are being discriminated against.

I am not going to give up this fight. I have already emailed Governor Hochul, Assemblyman Salka and Senator Joseph Griffo to ask why we were refused and if they would help us get the money we need. I have also contacted the New York State Conference of Mayors explaining everything and asking them for their help. If that doesn’t work then I am going to the newspapers and tv stations to see if they will listen to us. I believe the more waves we make the better our chances of getting help.

You can help also by contacting Governor Hochul by going to this website, https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form, contacting Assemblyman John Salka at email salkaj@nyassembly.gov or phone his chief of staff Eliza 518-455-4807 and finally contacting Senator Joseph Griffo, phone, (315) 793-9072, email griffo@nysenate.gov. The more people that contact them the better it will be.

Now that I’m finished venting, myself and the Village of Oneida Castle Board would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Mayor John Deschamps

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