Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

Here we are getting closer and closer to Fall. We will be having our Fall Leaf and Branch pickup this year. It’s usually just before Thanksgiving because all the leaves are off the tree by then. The date hasn’t been set by the board but it will be placed in the newspaper and on our website at oneidacastleny.com as soon as it is.

The Oneida Castle Garden Club is looking for some new members. The Garden Club has been responsible for the great looks of our village park. They are the ones that have planted the flowers and shrubbery in the park, around the gazebo, the flag pole and in the circle in the park and keeping it all in good shape and good fantastic. I want to thank them for everything they have done. Now they need a little help with more volunteers. Anyone interested please call Sharon Myers at 315-363-8624. All help would be greatly appreciated.

Our Dumpster Day was a success. Everyone interested was able to get rid of everything they wanted to. We filled 4 large dumpsters with rubbish. We plan on having a Dumpster Day every other year so our next one will be in 2023.
Now to the sewer project. Things have changed just a little. We are not going to put the bids out this month. We are going to wait see if we receive our grant which is usually awarded in December. That way we will know if we have enough money or not. We will put out bids no matter what to see if anyone comes under or at the money we have. Once we receive the bids, we will hopefully be able to award someone the contract and start digging in April. As always keep your eye on this website for any further developments.

Mayor John Deschamps

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