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WE DID IT!! There were only 3 bidders for the sewer project and they all came in under budget. Now we have to send the bids to NYS EFC and the federal EPA for their approval. Once we receive approval we will be rewarding the bid. This should take between a month and a half and two months. There will be digging in the village during the winter so there will be some obstruction but nothing we can't live with. I'll keep you advised as I find out more. Here are the approved May minutes.

Mayor John Deschamps

May 6, 2024

The regular monthly meeting of the Oneida Castle Village Board was called to order at 7:00pm by Mayor John Deschamps in the village office. Also present were Trustees Ackerman and Gwilt, Clerk Canada and Treasurer Alicia Meyers. Also in attendance were Oneida County Legislator Keith Scheible, Kathy W., Pamela Rood, Larry Nogas, Michael Richmond, Eric Eaton, Pat Baron, Tom Cochran, Sherri Stone, Gabriel Stone , Bill Sweatman and Mary Ellen Jablonsky.


A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept the minutes as read.


Oneida County Legislator Keith Scheible gave a report on the business in Oneida County. The Board of Legislators have approved the gaming revenue sharing for the Town of Vernon for the sum of $225,000. They have also approved $218,000 for the purchase of two K-9 dogs and $283,955.00 to Oneida Rural Treatment Expansion Project to help tackle opioid abuse and addiction. Three providers of adult daycare programs were renewed including the Sitrin Health Center with the County’s share being $106,600. In closing, Mr. Scheible stated that the sales tax for the first quarter will have a slight decrease. This is the first decrease since COVID.


Mr. Richmond and Mr. Eaton are the owners of the property on W. 9th St. that is being used as a bed and breakfast. They stated that it is different from a tourist home or boarding house because the guests stay for an extended length of time. Their clientele are traveling nurses and businessmen from the casino who are cleared through the Air B&B process. They would like to continue with this and work to get a special use permit from the Town to do so. Mr. Baron from Westmoreland stated that in his town a special use permit is given to allow one to operate a B&B. He will forward info on this to the Mayor

The Mayor stated that he would like to table this in order to find more information and discuss a permit with codes. Mr. Richmond said that they have bookings through September and wanted to honor those. Mayor Deschamps said that he would talk to the codes about the cease and desist order that was issued. He advised Mr. Richmond and Mr, Eaton to not take any new reservations at this time. A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to allow the AirB&B to operate until September.

May Ellen Jablonsky asked the Board if the fence at the end of West 6th ‘St. can be repaired. She has called the Town of Vernon and they told her that since the sewer lines would be there they did not wish to do it now. Mayor Deschamps advised Ms. Jablonsky to call again and tell them the lines would not be going down that far as to interfere with the fence repairs.


Mayor Deschamps began the meeting with a report on the progress of the sewers. He said that the bids were advertised in the Rome Sentinel on May 9th and will be received on June 4th at 11:00pm in the village hall. If this goes through it will be 2026 before completion. Ms. Rood asked if the contract included landscape and sidewalk repairs. The Mayor responded with a yes. Mr. Cochran asked if the village would be interested in getting a group rate for septic tanks to be pumped and filled. Mayor Deschamps stated that this would be up to the homeowners to get people on their street together to save money.

Mayor Deschamps informed those present that unfortunately the village will lose about 80 trees in the installation of these lines.

Gabiriel Stone, Eagle Scout candidate, reported that he had raised $496.00 from his bottle/can drive toward his project called Exercising the Body and Mind in the Village of Oneida Castle Park. He must complete this project before he is 18 in March so needs help and donations. Treasurer Meyers when reviewing the tax letter with the Board, suggested Gabriel put a flyer in with this letter informing everyone what he is trying to do. Gabriel also corrected his email address to be grstone214@gmail.com.

Trustee Ackerman reported that work on the installation of a new generator will begin in June. A gate will be installed to prevent people from cutting through that area.

Trustee Gwilt is working with Chad to get the park ready for summer. He is going to check with the Town of Vernon to see if they have something that will mark and paint lines. Mr. Gwilt is purchasing bunting for the gazebo to make it ready for summer.


Mrs. Meyers reminded the Board that they are nearing the end of the fiscal year on May 31. She began her report with cash flows from April. Inflows were $1,023.21 and outflows were $14,690.04 leaving an overall total of - $13,666.83.Year to date inflows were $135,819.49 and year to date outflows were $109,665.28 making an overall total of $26,154.21.

There is $218,161.00 in checking and $105,643,94 in savings. The general fund balance is $323,304.33. The Ada Karr CD is valued at $13,810.50 and the Oneida Castle Veteran Memorial Fund has $6,832.21.

A motion was made by Trustee Gwilt and seconded by Trustee Ackerman to accept the financial report.


A motion to adjourn was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt at 8:15pm. The next meeting of the Oneida Castle Village Board will take place on June 3rd.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Canada, Clerk