Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

EXCITNG NEWS!!! We recently received word that our village sewer project has been approved for a $1.1 million state grant. We already have been approved for a 0.0% 30 yr. loan from the USDA, so right now, I'm seeing if we can make this affordable for property owners and finally make sewers a reality for our village!
It has been years since we began this process but we have not given up on it. Meanwhile, we will also try to obtain any other funding we can get. A sewer system is something that the village desperately needs, as there have been septic tank system failures, which will continue. New York State is also looking at villages with septic systems and will one day mandate us to go to a sewer system, even if we don't have the money. We are well ahead of most other villages which will eventually have to change to a sewer system.

"The Eagle has landed" and the flags are flying! The Oneida Castle Veterans Memorial looks great! We had an impressive turnout for the dedication on September 30th.Thanks to the organizations and individuals who participated. Assemblyman Bill Magee secured a $60,000 grant for the project. And congratulations to Chris Bishop and his dedicated committee for making this wonderful addition to our village a reality. Memorial bricks are still available and can be purchased by contacting Chris at 361-8318. You can also download an order form by clicking on the "Resources" tab of this website.

Our village park is one of the most beautiful in the area but we plan to make further improvements. Thanks to a $60,000 park improvement grant from Senator Joe Griffo, work will begin in the spring of 2018 to replace the cement slabs of the gazebo and pavilion, as well as the gazebo roof. A video surveillance system will help with security and vandalism issues in the park, gazebo, playground, memorial and village hall entrance.The tennis court will be removed and we will be able to perform some much-needed tree maintenance in the park, in addition to some other miscellaneous improvements.

I hope everyone has seen all the work that has been completed in the village hall. It has taken a long time but we did it this way to save money. More work still needs to be done and we will keep you updated on this website as the work is completed.

Finally the Oneida Castle Village Board meets at 6pm the first Monday of every month and we would like everyone to attend so you will know what is going on in your village.

John Deschamps, Jr., Mayor

Village Clerk Jean Canada: 363-0368
Village Treasurer Alicia Meyers: 363-8279
Mayor Jack Deschamps: 363-2338
Trustee Don Ackerman: 363-9291
Trustee Mike Healy: 363-0299