Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

I just received an email advising our request for a waiver of contributing funds for the federal grant has been approved. This means that we are one step closer to getting the funds and it also is telling us that we we are almost assured of getting those funds or they would not have waived our request.

Please try to make our October meeting on October 2nd. We are having a public hearing on October 2nd. We will be discussing if the village wants a solar farm within the village boundaries (off Steuben Pl) and the changing of the the grass cutting ordinance. Make sure you read our new sign. We still have the occasional bug but it works and will keep you appraised of events from the fire dept. and the village.
Here are the minutes from our August Meeting:

August 7, 2023

The regular monthly meeting of the Oneida Castle Village Board was called to order at 7:00pm by Mayor John Deschamps in the village office. Also present were Trustees Ackerman and Gwilt, Clerk Canada and Treasurer Meyers. Village residents in attendance were David DeFries, Ed Lottermoser Gabriel Stone, Sheryl Stone, Judy Mahoney, Pam Rood, and Kathy Wojochowski. Oneida County Legislator, Keith Scheible was also present. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept the July minutes as read.

Mr. Scheible gave an update on what is happening at the County level. A resolution for a Covid review was rejected by the Board. This study would cost the County $134,946. Many present were not sure of exactly why this study was even proposed. Oneida County did approve $20,000 appropriation to underwrite the cost of a Youth Day at the Booneville-Oneida County Fair. In further news, broadband will be extended in to nine areas of the County including Augusta, Remsen and Vienna. Mr. Scheible reported that the County is dealing with solar issues in the Town of Verona as there are 3,800 acres in question.

Judy Mahoney asked for an update on the sewers. The Mayor responded by stating that there will not be digging this year as planned. The money has been awarded but there is a lot of paperwork still to do to receive this award. The biggest worry is that the cost of things keeps increasing while we are waiting. He stated that the federal government is very hard to deal with and a person needs to be quite computer knowledgeable to fill out the forms that are required. Mrs. Mahoney asked if it is required that everyone hook up. The Mayor responded with a yes, all will be paying the rate. Mrs. Mahoney also asked about yard debris pick ups. The Mayor reported that we have two pick ups a years, in the spring and fall. Otherwise a person must take this green waste to the Town of Vernon barn on Churnton Rd.
Mr. DeFries asked if there was anything that could be done about the speeding on Rt 365. The Mayor advised him to call both the state troopers and the Sheriffs Department.

Mayor Deschamps began the meeting with a report that the new electric sign is up on State St. The trees will need to be trimmed for a better view of the sign coming from the north off Rt 5. Trustee Gwilt will be the person who will receive computer training in order to program the sign. The fire department will be able to use this sign as well as the village.
In new business, Gabriel Stone introduced himself and spoke of how he is working on his Eagle Scout Badge. He hopes to beautify the park and make it more available to the elderly as well as youth. The Oneida Castle School has been turned into senior housing and he stated that he would like to get this group more involved and develop community spirit for all. Some of the equipment in the park, such as the tires needs to be replaced. Gabriel reported that he will have to get this project approved by the Scout leaders and then he will formally present it to the Board in detail.
Trustee Ackerman gave a description of what Dumpster Day is and declared it to be held on September 9, 2023. Residents will receive a letter stating what they can bring and the charge for certain items containing freon. There will also be a charge for TV’s, car batteries, computer monitors and tires whether on rims or not on rims.

Mrs. Meyers brought to the attention of the Board that the Village of Oneida Castle has the smallest budget in New York State.
The treasurer stated that Oneida County is still questioning her about what employees we have on file. We have no employees and have no intention of employing anyone else. Our Codes will stay with the Town of Vernon as well as our Vital Statistics Registrar.
Mrs. Meyers cautioned the Board that the village is already half way through our tree budget and it is only the second month of the fiscal year.
Mrs. Meyers began with a review of the cash flows for July. Inflows were $2,221.71 while outflows were $19,100.80 making a negative total of $16,879.09. Year to date total inflows were $26,301.82 while outflows were $22,771.34 making an overall total of a positive $3,530.48.
There is presently $105,604.34 in savings and $219,763.25 in checking. The general fund balance is $300,680.60. The federal funds balance is $20,736.33 making a combined total of $321,416.93. The Veterans Memorial Fund balance is $7,565.41 and the Ada Karr CD has $13,772.01.
A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept this financial report.

A motion was made at 7:45 to adjourn by Trustee Gwilt and seconded by Trustee Ackerman. The next meeting will be held on September 11, 2023 due to the Labor Day holiday.
Respectfully submitted,

Jean Canada, village clerk

Mayor John Deschamps