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Christmas tree pickup will be January 3rd and 4th. Any tree left out after those dates will be the homeowner's responsibility as the village will not be paying anyone to come back.to pick up those trees.

Here are the November minutes. It's a little earlier and they haven't been approved by the village board at this time. I thought I would put them up a little early because of the holidays coming up.

November 13, 2023
The regular monthly meeting of the Oneida Castle Village Board was called to order by Mayor John Deschamps at 7:00PM in the village hall. Also present were Trustees Ackerman and Gwilt, Clerk Canada and Treasurer Meyers. Village residents in attendance were Thomas Cochran, Gary Miller, Sherry Stone, Gabriel Stone, Pam Rood and Kathy W.
A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept the October minutes.
Pam Rood mentioned the archives files were not up to date regarding the minutes, resolutions, etc. The Mayor stated that he would look into this.
Gary Miller, who is new to Oneida Castle, asked why there was no set day for trash collection. The Mayor responded by saying that due to the fact they are all private haulers, each company will have a different day. Mr. Miller also asked about the hook up for the sewers. He knows of some people who will be unable to pay for this and asked if there will be help available for those who cannot pay. Mayor Deschamps responded that he has searched diligently for any grants for this purpose but has been unable to come up with any financial help.
The meeting began with a motion made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to pass the resolution # 23-11-04 made last month during the public hearing to raise the lawn mowing fees under Local Law # 2 of the year 1998 for Property Maintenance. A roll call vote was taken with 3 ayes and 0 nays. Before the village will mow the lawn, the grass must be at least 6 inches in length and the clerk will have sent a letter advising the owner that his lawn needs to be cut. If the owner does not do this within 5 days of receipt of the letter, the Village of Oneida Castle will do so at the rate of $100 for the first ¼ hour and $125 for each ¼ hour hereafter. The owner will be responsible for all damages while driving to and from the violator’s project and for any damage occurring while doing this mowing. These costs will be assessed against this property on the assessment roll if unpaid at this time.
Gabriel Stone, who is working on his Eagle Scout Badge gave a report about his project. He said this project had been approved by the Boy Scout Council but it was suggested that he narrow the scope of what his goals are. He needs to work on one thing such as the fitness equipment in the park for people of all ages. He has started his fund raising by selling candy bars and lollipops. Gabriel also plans to have a can drive.
In a sewer project update, Mayor Deschamps reported that we are in the final review to actually obtain the money that was in the latest grant. It has been a very long process and should be finished in the near future. He also reported that the porch at 9 Seneca Ave has been removed as it has been falling in and had reached the dangerous point.
Trustee Ackerman reported that wall in the meeting room is now wet again. It had been dry all summer and thought to have been repaired but now we have water again. MEID will have to take another look.
Trustee Gwilt reported that he had blown out the water lines in the park for the winter and is trying to get the timers to work on the lights in the park.

Mrs. Meyers began her financial report by stating that the village now has $61,266.76 in cumulative CHIPS funds.
She began her September report with a review of the cash flows. Inflows were $11,555.50 which included a state payment of $10,415.00. Total outflows were $6,578.16 leaving a positive $4,977.36 for the month. Year to date outflows are $64,691.82 with outflows totaling$41,119.49 making an overall total of a positive $23,572.33. There is currently $218,926.42 in checking and $105,613.16 in savings. The General Fund balance is $320,722.45.
The Ada Karr CD has been renewed and currently has $13,774.35 for the total amount.
The treasurer reviewed the cash flows for October. Inflows were $50.82 while outflows were $15,981.89 making a monthly total of a - $15, 931.57. Year to date inflows were$64,742.14 while outflows were $57,101.38 making an overall total of $7,640.76. The checking currently has $201,747.55 and the savings has $105,617.65. The general fund balance totals $304,790.88.
A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to accept the financial reports for the months of September and October.
A motion was made by Trustee Ackerman and seconded by Trustee Gwilt to adjourn at 7:45. The next meeting will take place on December 4, 2023 with a public hearing on a moratorium on solar farms to be held at 7:00pm
Respectfully submitted,

Jean Canada, Clerk

I need to let everyone know that our snowplow driver now works days and will only be able to plow in the evenings. There isn't much we can do about it since this is a part time job. Chad, our park maintenance mans and snowplow driver is very consciences and does a great job. He said if we get a big storm he will try to plow in the early morning hours before he goes to work.

Our EPA grant must be still in the final review as I have not heard anything from anyone about it yet. We will be having Christmas tree pickup in January Go to Events to see what dates the village board decides to do it.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a great Christmas.

Mayor John Deschamps