Welcome to the official website for the village of Oneida Castle, NY.

Time for my newsletter. Things are looking good so far with our application for a sewer grant from the federal government. We have lasted into the final round but won’t know if it’s approved until the first or second quarter of next year. We are shovel ready so if it is approved all we have to do is put it out to bid and get started digging. I was told there is a lot of competition for this grant and we are very lucky to have made it this far.
On another note about the village of Oneida Castle residents. I have been on the village board since 1994 and have been mayor since 2004, so I have been on the village board 29 years. During all that time we have hardly anyone attend our village meetings that are only held once a month on the first Monday of every month at 7 PM.
This is actually pretty disheartening. Everything we do either right or wrong is what we think needs to be done. When we make these decisions, we have to look at the village as a whole and not to individual liking. It would be great if we had residents come to the board meeting and bring up ideas or things they see need to be done or like to be done.
We try to keep the spending down to as little as possible. To the point where Trustee Tom Cochran and I have gone to pick up branches so our park person doesn’t have to. That way we don’t have to pay them to do it. Tom and Michelle Sears have donated their time by cleaning up brush and picking up branches also but I believe they are the only ones that have done so. We took down the fence and baseball back stop because of its little use. That saves money because the mowing can get done faster.
The only phone calls we receive are complaints and the complaint usually only effects the person calling. We received a complaint about the weeds growing up around the fence. To save money we do very little weed whacking. I advised the person making the complaint it would be helpful that when they were taking care of their lawn to just walk across the street and hit those weeds also. Their reply was they pay their taxes for that. I then told them they don’t need to worry about that because we were taking the fence down. The next thing that was said was now the leaves at the park was going to blow on their lawn. Sometimes you just can’t win and this is what your village board has to deal with, people just thinking of themselves and not the village as a whole.
Trustee Cochran advised me that he is not going to rerun for election and residents noninvolvement and not caring unless it affects them personally is one of his main reasons. Tom has done more for this village on his own time than anyone else, including me. His not running will be a great loss.
One last point. Who is going to fill any of these vacant positions? No one comes to the meeting so no one knows what is going on or even knows how we run the village. We have one of the best well-kept village and lowest budget in New York State. Are we going to end up having to dissolve the village and just become part of the Town of Vernon or merge with the City of Sherrill? This could very well happen when no one takes an interest in the village they live in.
Mayor John Deschamps