Building Permits

Building permits are required for all additions, fences, decks and swimming pools. This includes the large blue inflatable pools. Permits are also needed for septic tank replacement. Please call the Town of Vernon Codes Office at 829-2434 to see if a permit is needed and what the fee is.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are obtained at the Town of Vernon office or by calling Julie at 829-2422. Dogs four months and older need to be licensed. The owner must present an up to date certificate of rabies vaccine. Proof must be presented in writing if the dog is spayed or neutered. The license fee is $7 for animals spayed or neutered and $15 for those who are not.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Hunting and fishing licenses are no longer available at the Town of Vernon office. They can be obtained at Herb Phillipsons or any other sporting goods store.

Handicapped Permits

Handicapped permits must be obtained in the village or town of your residence. Those living in Oneida Castle may call Clerk, Jean Canada at 363-0368. You may also call Julie at the Town of Vernon office at 829-2422. A doctor's certificate is required along with your driver's license ID. There is no charge for this permit.